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Aramith Crown Standard Belgian Billiard Balls

SKU: 11-150
Brand: Aramith
  • Complete set of 15 Balls including Cue Ball
  • 2 1/4 inch Standard Size
  • 6 oz.
  • Belgian Crown phenolic balls
  • Number in the field
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Price: $99.99
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Aramith Crown Standard Belgian Billiard Balls<BR>FREE SHIPPING
Aramith Crown Standard Belgian Billiard Balls
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Product Details
Aramith "The Legend" guarantees "no polyester". Each Aramith ball is 100% "Cast-Phenolic Resin". On the break, the cue ball reaches 20 miles per hour in a fraction of a second causing surface temperature to easily reach 482 degrees Farenheit! Aramith's molecular structure is engineered to withstand these temperatures making Aramith balls far less vulnerable to burn spots, resulting in minimal ball and table cloth wear.
Custom Density and Balance = Controlled Speed, Direction, Spin, Impact, Rebound.
Beware of imitations! Only "Aramith" balls are true Belgium products.
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